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What's the #1 Reason
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It doesn't matter if you're in Affiliate Marketing, CPA, Ecom etc., or whichever niche
you're in, or even if you have the highest-converting sales copy on the internet... If no one visits your page, no one will BUY... and you're business will crash
and burn along with your hopes and dreams.

Every successful online business uses the exact same proven formula... They send targeted traffic to a good offer (it's not neurosurgery). So, how do you get traffic and which traffic is best?

Right now, the best traffic you can get is from Social Media - it's targeted, it's cheap (if you know what you're doing) and there's lots of it! Today, out of all the social media platforms Facebook and Pinterest provide the largest targetable source of cheap visitors. I'm going to show you exactly how I do it.

Hi there!

I'm Pritika Kapoor. I'm 27 years old and I make $1000s per week in Affiliate Commissions from my blog in the Health and Beauty niche... and I LOVE IT!

However, I wasn't always so happy. Only a short time ago I was stuck in a job I hated. Sound familiar? For years I worked long, boring hours in a soul-destroying job for slave wages that barely covered my living expenses.

I had no time or money for fun, treats or a social life. It all made me feel very frustrated and depressed.

Maybe You're In The Same Position?

Are you unemployed, or in a low paying job you hate?

Are you still waiting for that first lucky break?

Are you running out of time and money?

Are you under pressure to make things happen fast?

Yes? Then I Know EXACTLY How You Feel Because That Used To Be Me!

Then, one fateful day, a co-worker introduced me to Ram Rawat. It was Ram who introduced me to the secrets of making money online from dirt cheap traffic.

In no time, my one single blog started earning me consistent passive income from CPA, Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing - while working only an hour or two per day. For me, this really was LIFE-CHANGING!

I tested and tweaked my campaigns and got it to the exact formula that now consistently gives me penny clicks. My ROI comes from running Facebook Ads with costs as low as $0.04 per Link Click. I also get 100s of daily users from Pinterest where I use viral content campaigns WITHOUT spending a dime on it. These two sources alone send me a 1000+ visitors every day!

Today, you can copy the exact system I use... It’s a simple micro-business you can quickly and easily grow to 100k/Year with just an hour or two per day…

or outsource 100% of the system!

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My Concise, Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Understand Guide to Using Facebook & Pinterest to Get Dirt Cheap Targeted Traffic

This new formula will provide you with a relentless torrent of targeted traffic.

If you’re a blogger, a list-builder, an affiliate marketer, an online shop owner… whatever your business, this will help your profits skyrocket.

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PD is a unique system that's been highly optimized to get you FREE or PENNY Traffic!

PD will get you started fast - there isn't a faster way to get you up, running and profitable... You'll discover all the tricks of the trade in Cheap Traffic Generation (and how to make money from these techniques).

PD was specifically designed to help you make money through any method out there... CPA, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing... wherever you need to send cheap traffic. PD shows you how to exploit the two biggest, best and most reliable traffic sources on the Internet now… Facebook and Pinterest.

To Help You Understand Better, I Have Divided The Complete Course In Three Parts

Part A: Build a highly VIRAL site that you can grow from scratch to 100k/year+ business.


This section is the Penny Drill Course Overview. It's the blueprint of the whole course and how the different pieces fit together. You'll quickly see how this proven strategy works and why it's so powerful. It’ll soon become obvious that the potential of this strategy is limitless!

Niche Research

The success of the whole Penny Drill strategy is based upon good niche research. Ultimately, the quality of your initial research will determine how success you'll be. Don't worry - you'll be shown where to find profitable niches with that fit your interests perfectly - it's simple when you're shown what to do!

Domain Name

Choosing a killer name for your site is easier than you think. Watch how to search for a cheap domain name in minutes. Avoid the over-priced sellers that trap you into buying resources you don't need. In no time, you'll have a catchy name for your brand by using these trade secrets and insider tips.

Server & Site Setup

Don't Panic! All the tech stuff is explained in a newbie-friendly, easy-to-understand 'copy me' video. Follow how to set up and create a new website, including the hosting account and WordPress installation. This is extremely quick and simple - it literally takes 5 minutes!


This is an in-depth walkthrough of some slick new WordPress themes that will work perfectly for your needs. No more confusion, you'll cut through the myriad of choices to hone in on only the themes that will work best for you. These are professional-looking themes with cutting-edge design and functionality. They’re customizable to be easily monetised and match any niche. This concise selection of themes require the minimum of extra plugins - reducing your site speed and set-up time.

The Right Content

Here you'll get a review of the three different kinds of content that are best for your website. You'll also learn how to curate content the right way, as well as how to source free content legally. You'll see plenty of examples of how to use images, videos and copy for maximum impact. These tips will take the look & feel of your sites to the highest level.

Professional Images

Images are the most powerful way of getting your visitors’ attention. Study how you can download all the professional quality images that you'll need absolutely free. You'll also discover where to grab free pre-formatted and fully-editable graphics (image editing demo included). This advice alone is going to save you so much money and hassle!

Content Writing

Content is King. Find out what makes good content. Also, find out how to get all your content outsourced to experts. Gain a ton of insider knowledge about finding the talent you need and negotiating the best deals. This module will save you so much time and effort!


This is a mini crash course in Monetization! You'll quickly master everything you need to know about the latest monetisation methods, including: Chat Bots, Push Notifications, Viral Content, Lead Magnets, List Building, Opt-in Forms, Banner Advertising, Conversion Architecture etc., etc… Don’t be overwhelmed, the explainer videos make it easy to understand.

Recommended Plugins

This module will really help your Monetisation, Protection and Productivity. Here you'll find the latest 'must-have' WordPress plugins for list building, speeding up your site's loading time, protecting your content, backing up your site, adding an SSL proof, adding tracking codes, your visitor analytics and more... These will save you SO much cash, time and frustration! You'll learn which ones to use and how to install them.

Free Traffic From Facebook

Your going to learn how to establish your FB Profile, then some tricks on how to select the right Content and which Groups to target. You'll also learn what to Post and how to 'frame' Posts to get the maximum response. Lastly, you'll learn how to Monitor your Responses, avoid getting your account stopped, and how to monetize your landing page through sending targeted leads. These proven techniques will optimize your reach, engagement and shares.

Pinterest Traffic

This will shock you! If you don't already use Pinterest to market your business then this training will open your eyes to how incredibly powerful this platform is for capturing targeted, passionate, active and engaged visitors.

Part B: Driving Penny Clicks
to your website With Facebook

Facebook Ads Training

My Underground Method to Running FB Ads at just Pennies per click! You'll want to keep these secrets to yourself!

Part C: Traffic Case Study

Traffic Case Study

Discover exactly how I get my super-cheap, precision-targeted traffic for FREE! This is a a concise, over-the-shoulder demo of everything you need to know about starting an unstoppable tidal wave of targeted traffic.

Why Facebook Traffic?

Why should you be using Facebook traffic? Because with such a large user base, ignoring Facebook really isn’t an option for most marketers. Here are some stats...

It’s the largest social network in the world, it has more than 2.20 billion active users, 66% of whom log in on a daily basis.

10 New People Join Facebook Every Second

Facebook is Growing 15% Year Over Year

The average person spends 28 percent of his or her time online on Facebook

The average American spends about 40 minutes just on Facebook?

Facebook's Targeting is Amazing

Facebook Advertising is much more targeted than any other network. You can target users with Facebook Ads by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior and connections.

Imagine showing your offer only to a targeted audience who then ‘like’ your offer and share it with friends. You’ll be paying just pennies for traffic and I’ll show you how to 4x your conversions with retargeting.

Why Pinterest Traffic?

Pinterest is still an untapped goldmine of intense potential buyers who, like Facebook, can be targeted precisely by 'interest'...

Pinterest is an image-based platform where users go to enjoy pictures, be creative and get inspired. Its users tend to be passionate about their interests and can be targeted by the interests they choose to follow.

These characteristics make Pinterest users highly targetable prospects - perfect for online marketing - no wasted time or effort; you know where they are, you know what they like, you just have to put your offer in front of them.

Why Penny Drill?

You just want something that works, right? Penny Drill uses THE Most Proven System for quickly making thousands in commissions in just minutes per day. The Penny Drill system is not a 'loophole' or 'shiny object' or cheap cheatsheet. This is not a quick tip or case study! This is a 100 page .PDF and in-depth video tuition.

It uses the most trusted, proven and profitable traffic method in marketing today... Facebook Ads - they’ve made more millionaires quicker than any other advertising platform in history. You could be making $100+ everyday with either CPA, Adsense, Affiliate or E-Com from giving just 57 mins of your time everyday.

You could build to $100K/Year income or sell your site for a big profit.

NO Expensive, Hard-to-Learn Software

NO Waiting Months For SEO Results

NO Relying on Affiliates Referrals

NO Outdated Tactics or Old FB Training

NO Spamming Your Social Media Friends

NO Gimmicks or Account-Banning "tricks"

NO Tech Skills or Previous Experience

NO Time-Consuming Traffic Strategies

NO Big Ad Budget (you only need $5)

NO Short-term "Loophole" Marketing

NO Unproven Theory (only REAL results)

NO Coding Knowledge Required

Required to Start

NO Expensive
PPC Bills

NO Tiny
CPA Commissions

NO RISK - Get started for FREE!

Cut through all the B.S. and noise out there

Jump on the fast train to success using a proven template for making obscene amounts of money.

You can make a career out of this - build a profitable, long-term, sustainable business that will pay off your debts, put savings in the bank, and put your kids through college... You can create a job-replacing income stream in as little as 7 days from right now. Just follow the Penny Drill template to the letter.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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This ACTIVE group of fellow Penny Drill members and coaches is where you’ll get the answers to any questions, in real time.

Network with others, build profitable partnerships, and take your results to the next level.


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You could waste your own blood, sweat and tears to try to develop your own money-making traffic system - wasting your hard-earned cash on testing ads, or studying the best ‘make money online’ and traffic books, articles, and courses...

Or you could do the smart thing and copy my Penny Drill system and start profiting from cheap traffic in days from now!

Worth $1000s, Not Pennies!

What would it be worth to learn the secret formula to dirt cheap traffic that brought in enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life? The same formula you could use again and again in any niches to send traffic to every website you ever own.

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